South Naknek Caravan Trailer

This is not the usual home exchange.

We are offering a stay at our summertime fishing camp in the village of South Naknek, Bristol Bay, Alaska home of the largest sockeye salmon run on the planet. It’s not the usual upscale fishing camp with a guide standing by to bait your hook. Out here, the locals rarely use hooks, they use a net.

Your accommodation would be in a 22’ travel trailer, also unusual because of the strange roof that was added to preserve it from the weather. The trailer was a decent summer home for cannery execs at one time, but it is far past its prime. The trailer is located up the hill from the city dock and heated with an oil fired heater.,
There is a washroom with a limited water supply and a small bathtub for some reason.

Drawbacks to this exchange are not to be underestimated:
Bathroom facilities are an outhouse with rules: Pee in the washroom or outdoors, poo in the outhouse, TP in the bag. Never mix.
Low tide exposes mudflats, not a warm beach anywhere, no palm trees, no trees at all.
Mosquitoes are everywhere biting biting
No-see-ems will be biting your ankles
When the bugs aren’t biting it means that the wind is blowing them away.
And that means it’s going to rain or it was raining recently.
The trailer is old and was used in summer only.
Hot water is available from a teapot only.
The shower is fed by cold water out of a plastic barrel.
Drinking water comes out of jug.
Wash water comes out of the nearby creek
The cook stove is a small RV unit, propane fired with no oven.
Lighting is 12v and limited unless you fire up the gen set.
There is much better sport fishing elsewhere
This list could go on and on.

About the location

We use the camp to support the Namorada, a commercial fishing vessel under charter to one of the Canneries. We transport fish for the cannery during June and July.

In late June, the impending sockeye run causes commercial fishermen
who are kind of normal for ten months a year to lose their sanity. Other
life forms have problems too. Seals, beluga whales, eagles, seagulls, a
few bears, all await the fish. Waiting, greedy, hungry. Sport fishermen fill the lodges up river. It’s a unique experience to catch the fever, obviously very contagious. South Naknek has several historic and very fascinating abandoned canneries and one facility that supports a few fishing boats.
The Pit, the only bar in down, has a sign saying Sorry were Open!, . My deckhands
used to see how long it would take to get thrown out of the Pit for underage
drinking, but last winter the establishment closed and took its liquor license to
the North side

Ah, the North side! Lots of action over there!. 120 year old Canneries and modern canneries. Deckhands, welders, mechanics, cannery workers from all the world, a bar scene, a museum, three restaurants, an airport served by Alaska Airlines jets and a police department to keep a lid on things. In June and July it is crazy busy. Its` not to be missed, but at the end of the day, it feels great to get back to the South side

South Naknek is more to our liking.
We have a library, a clinic , a community greenhouse, a public works dept caring for 10 miles of road, a Lutheran church and a landfill often frequented by bears. For a town of 29 winter residents, that’s
not bad.

Type of swap

  • Home Exchange

Conditions of exchange

  • Non smokers only
  • No pets allowed
  • Children welcome

South Naknek (HE38623)

Alaska,   USA

  • 1 bed   (sleeps 2) 1 bath

Preferred destinations

  • Europe
  • USA
  • Africa
  • South America
  • Open to offers

Dates available

Open to offers

Swap duration: Open to offer

Meet the member

Adults: 2     

Membership expiry date: 01 May 2020