How Green Theme International Home Exchange began

Green Theme International Home Exchange agency was established in 1989 at the time the debate about consideration for the environment and the need for sustainable tourism was just beginning. At that time global warming and the extent to which our world is becoming polluted had not come to the forefront, but now the environmental lobby is making everyone aware of the true danger of the wasteful use of natural resources, and the careless pollution of our environment without consideration for its long term effect.

Why Green Theme International Home Exchange?

At GTI, we believe that Home Exchange is a concept right for our time making maximum use of existing resources. It reduces the need for second homes which are often left vacant much of the year diminishing the quality of life of local communities. Home Exchange is an environmentally friendly mode of travel and a comfortable alternative to high priced hotels and organised package tours. It is a way to experience an area as a local, not a tourist, to bridge the cultural divide and make new friends, and a great way to travel with children. It also achieves a balance between outgoing and incoming tourism, and does not place excess demand on destinations sometimes created by the flow of package holiday tourists to destination hotspots and the consequent over development of those areas, which often risks endangering some of the world's most beautiful locations.

We aim to give our members the widest choice of locations, balanced listings, and the most opportunities to experience an ideal home exchange vacation. We constantly introduce web-site enhancements and implement new features, many of which have come as a direct result of feedback from both members and web-site visitors. We always listen and welcome your comments.

The Tourism and the Environment equation is a difficult one. There are challenges and choices to be made. You can play your part in protecting the environment for future generations by using existing resources to the full. Be a "good" tourist and make your choice Green Theme International Home Exchange!! We may only be able to do a little, but even that can make a difference!

First Home Exchange Alliance

The First Home Exchange Alliance (FHEA) is a business organisation founded in 1999 by a core group of established independent home exchange agencies which had already worked together co-operatively for more than 10 years previously. GTI is a founder member of FHEA.

Purpose of the First Home Exchange Alliance

The member agencies of FHEA have established a reputation for a quality service by providing a wide selection of new, descriptive exchange offers with registration and expiry dates shown.

Member Agencies of First Home Exchange Alliance (FHEA)

Green Theme International Home Exchange, Home Base Holidays Home Exchange which also operates a reader service for The Guardian newspaper, Guardian Home Exchange, The Invented City. By joining Green Theme International Home Exchange you have access to the worldwide home exchange listings from all First Home Exchange Alliance agencies.There is no need to join more than one agency in the group.

If you already own an established home exchange service, are not already affiliated to any other home exchange organisation and would be interested in becoming a representative for Green Theme International or a partner of the First Home Exchange Alliance, you are invited to contact Green Theme International with information on your service.